The Team 

The Team

The Team

Below is a select list of our experienced partners. They are investors, mentors and entrepreneurs who support us (click the arrow for more information about each investor):

Anacapa Partners

Our strategic focus is to invest in operating companies that have been identified by principals operating within the search fund business model.



We partner with entrepreneur-CEOs who seek to acquire and operate profitable companies. They have deep expertise in entrepreneurial acquisition vehicles.

Endurance Search Partners

Our goal is to place promising, motivated managers in an environment with a high probability for success given the oversight and experience of the investors themselves

Futaleufu Partners

We are industry agnostic, and look for typical “search fund deal” characteristics such as recurring revenue, multiple avenues for growth, and industry growth tailwinds.

Housatonic Partners

The Managing Directors of Housatonic Partners helped to pioneer the search fund community, and we have backed over one hundred search funds over the past two decades.

Miramar Search Partners

We seek to partner with entrepreneurs, or pairs of entrepreneurs, who are self-starters and passionate about finding high-quality businesses to manage and grow.

Search Fund Partners

Our team has over 40 years of management and investment experience in a wide spectrum of industries.

Trilogy Search Partners

We invest in acquisitions of small, profitable companies, sourced and managed by search fund entrepreneurs.